Old Native Business

Exportador, Importador y Distribuidor



Sacrifices and slaughters with maximum guarantees, committed to offer a product that gathers the health, technological and organoleptic requirements, and whose destination is the national and international markets, either fresh or frozen.      

Ham leg 


York shoulder meat

Bacon without bone or rind

Rib strip 


It is sacrificed and cleaned with the maximum guarantees, offering a product that gathers the sanitary, technological and organoleptic requirements and whose destination are the national and international markets, whether fresh or frozen.



The comprehensive and vertically integrated structure of the area began in poultry farms breeding hens whose egg production is incubated in-house. The chicks are fattened in broiler farms, in automated facilities that ensure food safety, quality and animal welfare throughout the process.

En nuestros propios mataderos propios obtenemos los productos frescos que luego se convierten en nuestra amplia variedad ofrecida en nuestras salas de despiece.


Head without tongue


Head with tongue